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Beijing plans to build four railway hubs in the next five years

Recently released "Beijing" 13th Five-Year "period of major infrastructure development planning" disclosure, Qinghe, Spark, Fengtai station will become the next five years to build the Beijing railway hub. Earlier, the Jingtang inter-city railway EIA report revealed that the new Beijing city center as the starting point of the sub-center station, the station is initially scheduled for Tongzhou District, North and East Sixth Ring Road between Yang Tuo area, south of Beijing-Harbin Railway. On the map, the location of the four railway stations are some remote, unlike Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing North Railway Station, Beijing South Railway Station is located in the bustling city center, which also reflects the layout of the city transportation hub new ideas .
As early as 7 am, the old Qinghe railway station ushered in the first train. Northwest of the capital outside the Fifth Ring this small station, built in 1905, now in addition to S2 line, the trains only two or three classes. But with the opening of Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed rail, where transformed into a high-speed railway station.
Similar to the fate of the Spark station. Beijing-Shenyang high-speed rail construction, so that this gradually quiet northeast of the station once again become the focus of Beijing, Beijing-Shenyang high-speed rail here to become the starting point for Beijing.
From the information disclosed in Beijing's proposed new railway station, the nearest station is Fengtai station, which is located between the 3rd ring road and the 4th ring road. The others are located outside the Fourth Ring Road. The farthest city sub-center station is even close to the Sixth Ring Road. From a functional point of view, these railway station hub will be mainly open high-speed rail or inter-city railway, is the face of a new modern railway hub.
Why is the train station in Beijing farther? Major infrastructure planning stressed that these new railway hub will "ease the Beijing North Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing Railway Station pressure, optimize the railway hub function." Zhao Hong, vice president of Beijing Academy of Social Sciences analysis, suburban railway station to ease the pressure on passenger traffic downtown.
To Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed rail, for example, the Qinghe station is the second leg of Beijing, but the planning department will be Qinghe station and Beijing North Station together marked as "originating station" to facilitate the travel of the nearest passenger. If you only set up a Beijing North Railway Station for the originating station in Beijing, then a large number of passenger flow, traffic will focus on the already crowded Xizhimen area.
August 2013, the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission revealed that the Beijing-Shenyang high-speed rail station from the Beijing Railway Station to adjust to the spark station in the Jiuxianqiao South, which is taking into account the environmental demands of residents along the decision to make. Spark Station will also play a mitigation and auxiliary role in Beijing.
In addition to the railway hub, some long-distance passenger hub is also to the outside of the Fourth Ring or even further location. Late last year in the northern area of ​​Tiantongyuan Beiyuan North construction of the transport hub, as early as the planning level there is a task - integration of Beijing North long-distance passenger line. Beijing and Zhangjiakou between the long-distance car, for example, had mainly concentrated in the Liuliqiao grid, Zhangjiakou approaching the bus to Beijing, the need to take the Beijing-Tibet high-speed into the city, and then to Liuliqiao, to Urban roads bring no small pressure.
These hub stations located in the suburbs, the future travel convenience? Reporter learned that the information published to see, Fengtai Railway Station has been around Metro Line 10; line 13 will increase the future Qinghe Qinghe Railway Station to facilitate the transfer of passengers, Line 19 is also expected to set the future introduction of the Qinghe Branch Line Station; start construction this year on the 3rd line of a special set up Spark Station, and strive to achieve the subway and high-speed rail "zero transfer."
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